Too Much Rain:

Garden Drainage Issues


By Team Jamark Plumbing

The constant rain over summer and now the pending winter has turned many home gardens and sections into a marsh. Thankfully, with the help of some useful plumbing and drainage options, excess water can be removed and we can restore your garden to a more usable, less muddy and attractive space.

Why should it be repaired?

Wet & soggy gardens are considered a health and safety hazard for many reasons but also just make the space unusable and unpleasant to be in. 

Problems that may arise:

1. Lawns loses practicality

Do you park your vehicle or trailers on your lawn? Chances are, with soggy grass, you won’t be able to walk on it easily let alone park anything on it. Walking through mud and water is less than ideal and your vehicle may even get stuck, not convenient when you have to hurry to work in the morning.

2. Landscaping and planting compromised 

Plants need plenty of water just as they need sunlight. But if they are drowning in water, it’s not good for them. Your lawn is the perfect example, most Kiwi lawns are seeded with grasses that simply cannot grow healthily in soaked soil, the longer they are exposed to this the more likely it is that the root system will start to rot. Poor drainage can cause issues for other landscaping as well. Most plants in your garden will also fail to thrive and may even die in water-clogged soils.

3. Home Foundations Impacted

Rainwater pooling around your home is a sign of potential plumbing problems and poorly drained gardens can cause saturation of the home foundations, leading to cracks and more serious issues like foundation movement. Buckling walls and mould growth can be warning signs you have too much moisture under your home.

How can Jamark Plumbing Help?

Any property in Hamilton can struggle with excess water accumulation, especially in the CBD and its surrounding suburbs. If your property is located at the bottom of a hill or even just in a slight ground shallow, chances are rainwater will flow to and sit within your property. It’s also no surprise that drainage can be a problem in a garden surrounded by large rooftops and driveways. It means rainwater can be directed and concentrated into a smaller space and very likely that this ends up being your lawn.

Either directing the water away from your garden or installing effective drainage solutions is a sure solution for most, if not all, of your water and drainage woes! Jamark Plumbing Hamilton is the go-to team for any drainage and plumbing problems, both indoors and outdoors. Don’t hesitate to call us for professional plumbing and drainage advice. Our team will be more than happy to help.

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