How Much Does It Cost To Replace

A Hot Water Cylinder?


By Team Jamark Plumbing


Hot water cylinders are essential components of any residential plumbing system. Without them, we’d be unable to enjoy the daily benefits of the hot showers, baths, and other home amenities. Unfortunately, these units don’t last forever and need to be replaced or repaired over the course of 5 to 20 years.

Replacing a hot water cylinder is usually expensive and in this blog post, we’ll explore the factors behind how much it costs to replace a hot water cylinder and help you find some ways to save money during the process.

We’ll cover topics such as considering the hot water cylinder brand, the costs of a new cylinder, the factors which affect the cost of replacing a hot water cylinder and whether you should DIY or hire a professional installer? We’ll conclude with some tips for saving money when it comes time to replace your hot water cylinder.

Read on to discover our in-depth analysis of replacing a hot water cylinder!

How To Choose A Hot Water Cylinder

When it comes to choosing a new hot water cylinder, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether you require an open vented or unvented system. The former is the more traditional and economical choice, while the latter can be a bit more efficient and often requires additional plumbing work. It’s also important to think about the size of your tank – if it’s too small then it won’t be able to meet your family’s needs efficiently, but if it’s oversized, you’ll end up paying for wasted energy. You should also consider any potential space restrictions in your home before making your decision. Finally, always ask for advice from experienced professionals when selecting the right hot water cylinder for your needs.

What hot water cylinder brand should I consider for my home?

When buying a new hot water cylinder, one should compare quality products from different brands. The most popular brand of hot water cylinder is Rheem. They are the leading and most trusted hot water heating solution manufacturers in NZ. Rheem products are high quality and available in many sizes, styles, and materials to suit every budget. If you’re looking for reliable and quality hot water systems, make sure to work with a plumbing company that work with Rheem products. Jamark Plumbing in Hamilton are professional plumbers in installing hot water cylinder of Rheem products. Get in touch with them to choose the right hot water cylinder for your home.


How much can new hot water cylinder and installation cost?

The cost can depend on the complexity of the job, renovating or buying a new home. The market price can range around $2500 to $3000+* which includes purchasing the cylinder itself, other costs such as installation costs from the installer.

Jamark Plumbing will be transparent from the beginning to let you know ahead of time about the full pricing of your project. They’ll also find you the right pricing that fits your budget. Best of all, once they’ve supplied and installed your hot water cylinder, they’ll also provide additional support to look after your water heating solutions.

*Note: Please note that the prices given here are merely estimations only and may be subject to changes upon inquiry.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Replacing A Hot Water Cylinder

Replacing a hot water cylinder can be costly, but there are some factors that may influence how much it costs.

These include:

  • Size and type of hot water cylinder to be replaced
  • The installation accessibility and complexity of connecting existing pipes
  • Additional components such as insulation or valves that could require replacing
  • The price of materials and labour will also vary depending on who you would hire to install

All these factors should be accounted for in order to determine an accurate estimate for replacing a hot
water cylinder.

DIY Or Professional Plumbers Installation?

If you are considering replacing or installing your hot water cylinder, it is important to consider who is installing it. If you’re thinking of doing the work yourself, you are not allowed to do it in any circumstances. Only those who are authorised under Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006 can carry out installation or replacing of hot water cylinders. Jamark plumbing is a certified plumbing company and members of master plumbers. Jamark Plumbing will help ensure that the job is done correctly with minimal risk of leaks or other issues arising in the future, which could add to the overall cost of replacement.

Tips For Saving Money On Replacement Hot Water Cylinder Costs

Replacing a hot water cylinder can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. Most importantly, you should shop around for the best deal on the type of cylinder you need. Additionally, consider having an energy-efficient model installed, as this will help reduce your monthly electricity bills. But make sure you hire the right plumbing company! With hiring Jamark Plumbing, you can easily save money on hot water cylinder replacement costs.



In conclusion, replacing a hot water cylinder can be a costly expense. However, it is an important part of keeping your home safe and efficient. It is essential to ensure that any hot water cylinders are regularly maintained and replaced when needed for optimal performance. Discuss the cost of materials, labour, installation, and warranties with your local plumbing company to help you determine which option best fits your budget. Remember to always consult a professional for advice.

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