Gas Ducted Heating: What You Should Know


By Team Jamark Plumbing

A lot of people use spot heating to heat their homes without realising that they are not very efficient and only work in the room they are in. To compensate more effective heating in other rooms, some people adopt electric heating or gas heating appliances.

Unlike spot heating, the ducted central system provides a whole house solution. All of your rooms are heated equally, making the home warmer and more comfortable than ever before.

How does Gas Ducted Central work?

Gas ducted heating works by pulling in cold air and then using the heat to warm the inside of your house. It disperses heated air throughout your property in a way that will heat every room.

The heater switches off automatically once your home reaches a comfortable temperature, which saves you on energy while keeping you and your family comfortable.

Why should I choose gas-fired ducted central heating than a spot heating appliance?


  • Every room in your house can be heated

The temperature in each room of your home is monitored, and the heating is set to a comfortable temperature.

If possible, you should set up your plumbing system in the basement, as it is the most convenient spot to put them without sacrificing convenience. Alternatively, you can choose a location located on the main floor, like an office or a utility closet.


  • Ducted central heating is quieter, and you can’t see it

Ductwork and outlets are usually placed on the floor or the ceiling – hidden away and out of sight. Ducted central heating also circulates warm air around your house effectively and quietly. You won’t even realise it’s there.


  • Warmer home and improved efficiency

Air systems, like the heat pumps – keep the air moving more quickly to keep us warm. But even when you set the temperature to high, the air flowing through can still make us feel cold. A gas ducted heating system, however, can be set to lower temperature and can easily generate heat with a slower airflow, making the home warmer and efficient.


  • You’ll generate heat fast and have more control

Gas-fired ducted central heating are great because they heat your home fast. You can manually control the temperature of each room individually or set a single room for specific hours with remote control features on some models.


  • Save massive amounts of energy and electricity bills in the long run

Installing heat pumps and wood burners might seem cheaper than installing ducted central heating. However, the monthly savings in energy that you get with ducted central heating means that your heating costs will be lower over time.

What included in a gas ducted central heating system?

Since hard water is becoming more and more common, installing water softeners is often a good idea for your home. You should consider getting one even if you don’t have water issues now because it can be used to fight this type of problem before it becomes a serious issue. It will be challenging to install water softeners in the future, so if you’re building a new home now, have one installed. It can save you from having to install a softener later on.

  • Heating unit (Furnace)
  • Controller
  • Ducting
  • Outlets
  • Return air grille

How is it installed?

If your home does not have a gas connection, you will need a mains connection to install gas ducted central heating. Get in touch with Jamark Plumbing certified gas fitting team to find out if this heating system is suitable for your property.


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